Cyber Security Training

It is well known in the IT industry that a company's employees are the last line of defence to prevent cyber attacks. Phishing and social engineering attempts are used to try and manipulate employees in to accidentally giving up their login details, or sending large sums of money to scammers for example.

If your employees aren't aware of the potential pitfalls, how to spot them and how to report them, then they need to be informed of the procedure(s) they should follow.

Here at HH|CyberLinc, we aim to fill in these knowledge gaps by educating your employees about how to spot scamming attempts, and why it is important to report these attempts to your IT department.

Furthermore, we can provide cyber security training to your IT staff - via tabletop exercises - so they can develop their responses and procedures to further improve efficiency.

We have options available to provide you with the training materials or, if preferred, we can provide the training direct to your employees.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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